Frog Eyes Sign to Dead Oceans for New LP

Frog Eyes Sign to Dead Oceans for New LP
Maybe Carey Mercer's frustration with artistic censorship at the Olympics made for some rapid artistic inspiration. Or maybe he just felt it was finally time for a new Frog Eyes LP. Whatever the case may be, after a three album-less years, the weirdo Vancouver, BC art rockers have announced their return.

On April 27, Frog Eyes will release their new studio alum, Paul's Tomb: A Triumph, on new label home Dead Oceans.

Here's how the label describes the new record: "This is an album with weight. It's wrapped in a gauze of fuzz, but a fuzz that's neither yesteryear nor painfully now. Paul's Tomb: A Triumph is neither overly modern nor awkwardly vintage, and it contains a depth and bombast that's not only absent in Frog Eyes' previous work, it's absent from most contemporary music.

The album, all of which was recorded live, already has both a cover (see above) and a tracklist to its name (see below). It also has a teaser track, "A Flower in a Glove," which you can download here

Paul's Tomb: A Triumph:

1. "A Flower in a Glove"
2. "The Sensitive Girls"
3. "Odetta's War"
4. "Rebel Horns"
5. "Lear, in the Park"
6. "Styled by Dr. Roberts"
7. "Lear in Love"
8. "Violent Psalms"
9. "Paul's Tomb"