Frog Eyes Detail 'Live At The Moroccan Lounge' LP, Share Unreleased Track

Hear 'Violet Psalms' outtake "The Idiot's Idiotic Storm" now

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Sep 24, 2018

Earlier this year, BC indie outfit Frog Eyes called it a day following the release of Violet Psalms and a farewell tour. Now, the band have revealed that they recorded one of their final performances for a new live record.

The band's Live At The Moroccan Lounge captures their July 3 performance at the titular venue in Los Angeles, and will arrive exclusively through their Bandcamp page as a digital release on September 28. The 14-track release was engineered by Gabriel Nardin.

In a press release, the band's Carey Mercer writes that the live set is "one of the records I am most proud of, as it's proof that we were at times a great live band, and in the end that's one of the things to aspire to, to be out in the real world (in real time)."

"I broke some strings, so only 45 minutes of the set was captured," he added, "which breaks down to 40-ish minutes of music and a few minutes of banter, or dialogue, which I implore the listener to delete after a few runs through, and keep only the music, as it's music that brings us together."

The live set will also include a bonus track titled "The Idiot's Idiotic Storm," which was recorded during the band's Violet Psalms sessions. You can hear it in the player below [via Stereogum].

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