Fresh Snow

House of TARG, Ottawa ON, August 21

Photo: Kamara Morozuk

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 22, 2014

Fresh Snow's Facebook page description reads as follows: "Fresh Snow hates eardrums."

Their dual synth plus guitar-bass-drums configuration could certainly be considered enough to overwhelm some musical ears, yet their instrumental brand of psych-rock had the capacity crowd enthralled throughout their set. There were no stoppages in playing, as tracks of expansive experimentation segued their way from one track into the next, endings and beginnings largely signalled by drummer Jon Maki; to those blissfully enraptured by their hypnotic layers of sound, it may have seemed like one cohesive jam piece.

Multi-instrumentalist and engineer Tim Condon took a step back from the keys at one point to give the crowd a lesson in playing an incredible feedback guitar solo, placing the instrument against his amplifier and proceeding to manipulate the noise with both an iPad and his vast array of effects pedals. If Fresh Snow indeed hate eardrums, the feeling certainly wasn't mutual.

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