Freeway and Jake One The Stimulus Package

Freeway and Jake One The Stimulus Package
The Stimulus Package is the brainchild of one-time go-to feature artist Freeway and G-Unit producer Jake One. With both having accolades in their areas of expertise, the album has potential, but it falls short. The Stimulus Package was a great idea to reintroduce Freeway after a mini-hiatus, but G-Unit's veteran producer, Jake One, has a sound so distinct it comes of as boring after the first few tracks. The album title suggests a rebellious sound, perhaps a post-Rocafella Freeway trying to redefine his image. However, the album is quite the opposite; it's the Freeway that we've tried to get to know through his various ventures with an indescribable flow. His style is the same, just with Jake One behind him. Don't get me wrong, The Stimulus Package is decent. The intro sets a soulful note and "She Makes Me Feel Alright" is an album highlight, but I found I referenced tracks by their production samples as opposed to song quality. Perhaps we've been spoiled by hearing Freeway work with producers at the peak of their careers. But truthfully, all this album really does is make me want to play Just Blaze.

What's your favourite track from The Stimulus Package?
Freeway: "Never Gonna Change." When Jake One played that beat for me, I knew we were going to make that song a classic. It's probably my favourite Jake One beat, although it's hard for me to pick.

What's the best remix you've ever done?
All of them [laughs]. I'm gonna go with "Burnin' Up" with Missy Elliott and Faith Evans.

Do you miss Canada?
[Laughs] I do love being out in Canada, but you need to fix the border situation. When I was in Canada last year, they really didn't want me coming in. I should be coming back to Canada with Jake One, so hopefully it won't be a problem again. Canada, we're coming. (Rhymesayers)