Frederick Squire 'Spooky Action at a Distance' (album stream)

Frederick Squire 'Spooky Action at a Distance' (album stream)
We recently heard some of Frederick Squire's musical handiwork on Kate Maki's Head in the Sand, but now the songsmith is ready to unveil a brand new album of his own. Spooky Action at a Distance is set for official release later this week, but Exclaim! is giving you the chance to hear the whole thing early.
The latest offering was recorded by Squire in a tiny basement during a time when the musician was both completing a degree in mechanical engineering and figuring out his new role as a father. Most of the songs were written a decade ago while Squire was living in Dawson City, YK, and find the singer-songwriter contemplating "the ups and downs of a young man in and out of love."
While "Spill Your Lungs" and "Bike Thief" capture that moment in time, there are also a few more recent cuts like "Switch the Engineer" and "This Place" that find Squire waxing romantic on his "matrimonial harmony" of late.
It's all thoughtfully pieced together, finding a perfect balance between gentle folk-tinged ballads and more experimental lo-fi indie rock. On Spooky Action at a Distance, Squire invites listeners into his introspective world. Accept that invitation by giving the new album a spin in the player below before it's officially out on May 27.
Tour dates:
06/03 Sudbury, ON – Cosmic Dave's Vinyl *
06/11 Toronto, ON – Dakota Tavern *
07/09 Sudbury, ON – Northern Lights Festival
* with Kate Maki
UPDATE: This stream was available for one week only and is no longer available.