Freddie Gibbs Sheds Light on 'Eastside Slim'

Freddie Gibbs Sheds Light on 'Eastside Slim'
In just a couple of weeks since Freddie Gibbs released his collaborative Madlib project Piñata, accolades such as "album of the year" and "classic record" have been flying over social networks. And according to Gibbs, the praise is much deserved.

"Somebody else may come out with a record that's a little more catchy and whatnot, it might be more mainstream and they might write the song of the year. But as far as flat-out rapping, I feel like I did that the best this year, and I wanna be recognized for that," Gibbs tells Exclaim!

Beyond the success of Piñata, Gibbs already has his sights set on taking over the second half of the year with his forthcoming project, Eastside Slim. Having recently told Vibe that the album is "about 80 percent done," he divulged to Exclaim! what Eastside Slim is all about.

"I don't wanna say [it's] a continuation of Piñata, but it's gonna be something that's futuristic," Gibbs explains. "It's a different style, but it's gonna be like the story of some guy who has some money, and trying to maintain it. Just walking that fine line of the streets."

After battling his own street vices for years, Gibbs continues, "Piñata took you inside my mind and showed you my struggle, but Eastside Slim is gonna show you the fruits of my labour and the things I got to deal with to maintain that."

While Gibbs has upheld his statement that there will not be a Piñata Pt. 2 — "There wasn't a Scarface Pt. 2!" he says, laughing — Madlib will still maintain a role on Eastside Slim.

"I'll have Madlib come in and do some records on there, and Madlib will probably sequence it and arrange it, and things of that nature."

Gibbs reveals that he's currently working with Chicago production duo Nez and Rio, as well as Mike Dean. On top of that, Gibbs is also looking to a cluster of Canadians.

"Canada produced most of Eastside Slim, that's crazy!" he says in amazement.

Amongst the Canadian producers lies Mississauga's Big Pops and Mikhail, both of whom work actively with Arthur McArthur, as well as Matt Burnett and Jordan Evan, who co-produced Drake's "Pound Cake" alongside Boi-1da.

"Madlib put that feel on Piñata that made it like a movie, and that's the feel we're gonna put on every project here on out."

Eastside Slim is expected to be released in fall 2014. Piñata, meanwhile, is out now via Madlib's own Madlib Invazion imprint.

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