Freak Heat Waves Return with New Album 'Zap the Planet'

Watch a video for new song "Dripping Visions" now

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished May 27, 2020

Just over two years removed from going Beyond XXXL, Freak Heat Waves have detailed a follow-up album. The Canadian duo will share Zap the Planet on September 4 through Telephone Explosion.

Eight tracks in length, Zap the Planet is said to find the pair taking "a fearless, inventive leap" into becoming "more pronounced in their unhinged artistic process," resulting in a full-length chock full of "lo-fi digital grit and early MIDI instrumentation."

The album track "Dripping Visions" arrives alongside today's announcement, complete with a surreal video helmed by Cole Kush and Jason Harvey you can watch below.

Of the song itself, Freak Heat Waves explain, "We wanted to work out an arrangement that would be as groovy as it was off-putting," says the band. "Something that would slowly shift in rhythm and feel while the initial instrumentation provides a constant point of meditation."

Zap the Planet

1. Off Axis
2. Busted
3. I'm Zapped
4. Dripping Visions
5. Something Fresh
6: Let It Go
7. In Your Realm
8. Nothing Lasts Forever

Zap the Planet is now available for pre-order.

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