Franz Ferdinand

Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

BY Melody LauPublished Aug 23, 2013

It takes Franz Ferdinand less than 25 seconds into opening track "Right Action" to jump into the first of many boisterous sing-along choruses. They're back and don't want to waste any time reintroducing themselves to listeners; it's greatly appreciated and welcome. Now four albums in, Franz Ferdinand's new full-length, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (the follow-up to 2009's Tonight), finds the band returning to basics, drawing on the same energy that originally caught everyone's attention back in 2004 with their self-titled debut. The songs are light, fun and bursting with pop hooks and riffs that harken back to the winning elements of "Take Me Out" or "Do You Want To." Whereas their last record saw the band embark upon a decidedly darker and more serious route, Franz Ferdinand's strength has always lied in their ability to have a good time and convey that on record. Right Thoughts proves that this four-piece are capable of maturing their sound and songwriting while maintaining a sense of amusement and entertainment. "Evil Eye" is a cheeky call-and-response tune that asks the silly question, "What's the colour of the next car?" while "Fresh Strawberries" layers harmonies overtop a constant riff that plays off of the Beatles' sound. This is a return to form for Franz Ferdinand; they've indeed retrieved the right thoughts and words to create a dynamic new set of pop hits in-the-making.

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