Franz Ferdinand "Fresh Strawberries" (video)

Franz Ferdinand 'Fresh Strawberries' (video)
The B-side to Franz Ferdinand's "Fresh Strawberries" single, the German-language cut "Erdbeer Mund," has already gotten a music video, and now the A-side has gotten one as well.

While "Erdbeer Mund" was quirky romp, the black and white clip for this low-key pop-rock tune from Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action is far more restrained and cryptic. We see the band hanging around a storefront and mostly doing a whole lot of nothing, as they pace back and forth, drop an Alka-Seltzer into a glass of water, play with a lighter, and stare at a swinging noose.

The "Fresh Strawberries" single will officially arrive in the UK on April 7 through Domino.