Girl of Infinity

BY Rebecca M. WilliamsPublished Jul 7, 2015

It's become outdated in 2015 to refer to a band as an "all-girl" affair simply for being composed exclusively of women, but on Girl of Infinity, the debut release by Vancouver folk-pop outfit FRANKIE, the band seem specifically to embrace femininity — and they wield it powerfully.
Opening track "Mermaid" features an impressive vocal cadence and plenty of shrieks and hey-heys, and "Someone Once" features a charging piano break, all details that set Girl of Infinity apart from your typical indie rock troupe. "Atmosphere" is the EP's single, and it's got all rustic yet ethereal energy that defines Girl of Infinity, not to mention a wildly catchy chorus.
The combination of breezy folk, tight, wailing harmonies and impressive vocal chops make Girl of Infinity a release that demands serious attention. FRANKIE are an unapologetically feminine folk-pop powerhouse.

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