Francis Dean Peace of Mind

I really don't like bongos. Unfortunately, it the members of Francis Dean do. (By the way, don't get Francis Dean mixed up with Kurt Cobain and Courtney Loves' daughter, Francis Bean; I was excited for a hot second upon seeing the album cover, thinking the 20-year-old woman had released a folk record.) The Mesa, Arizona duo that make up Francis Dean (JD Clayton and Tim Schweitzer) share other stylistic inclinations, such as repetitive chord progressions, highly distorted vocals and simple rhymes. The end result is a debut album that sounds like a mix of early Foo Fighters and Australian folk hero Xavier Rudd. If this assessment sounds appealing, pick up their debut album, as I think I may have discovered your new favourite band. If you're anything like me, I'd advise you to run away, because you're going to find Peace of Mind to be no solace whatsoever. (Independent)