Frames Set List

The Frames are Ireland’s best kept secret. Beginning their career 14 years ago, they’ve managed to release four acclaimed albums and earn a cult status worldwide. Now signed to Anti, the band have chosen a live album of songs from their back catalogue to help them get over that hump. Oddly enough, Set List isn’t their first live album, but it’s certainly filled with some endearing moments that display the band’s playfulness onstage. A tribute to Pavement ("Pavement Tune”), an audience sing-along to Kool & the Gang ("Rent Day Blues”) and the inclusion of Willy Wonka’s magical "Pure Imagination” and Johnny Cash’s "Ring Of Fire,” are all moments that help make this more than just another collection of songs distorted by cheers. However, when the Frames worked with Steve Albini on 2001’s For The Birds, there was a great deal of intimacy to their music that is missing from this recording. Like David Gray, the Frames have paid their dues and are ready for a breakthrough. Unfortunately, live albums aren’t the most successful format when taking that big step, but then again it seemed to work with Frampton Comes Alive. (Anti)