Foxy Shazam Introducing

Contrary to popular belief, "new” doesn’t always mean "good.” Acts such as Gogol Bordello gain column inches by bastardising punk rock, infusing elements of world music into their convulsive attack. It’s unique and interesting because of the passion and sincerity one just can’t deny. In the case of Foxy Shazam though, well, we have a clear case of a band struggling to appeal; and they are trying way too hard. Clearly raised on the classical styling and contemporary atmosphere of Queen and Elton John — both wonderful influences — Shazam desperately want to be embraced by punk rock. Schuyler Vaughn White plunks away at his ivories overtop of post-punk ditties that could be passable bits of fury were it not for the crisp tinkling that negates any guttural prowess. Adding insult to injury, Shazam’s vocalist Eric Sean Nally affects a "chaotic wild man” tone, as if to say that he’s possessed by the spirit of James Brown. The end result is a cheesy mishmash of soul, punk and pop rock that dissolves into confusion. (New Weatherman/Ferret)