Martyn "Glassbeadgames" (ft. Four Tet)

Martyn 'Glassbeadgames' (ft. Four Tet)
Prolific producer Four Tet (a.k.a. Kieran Hebden) continues to crank out the new material, most recently collaborating with fellow producer Martyn for an new track called "Glassbeadgames."

The song contains the subtitle "(8 Hours at Fabric Dub)," but, thankfully, it's actually only eight minutes long. Through that time, the track ebbs and flows with plenty of unique drumwork, edited vocal samples and warm synth tones.

Check out "Glassbeadgames" below.

"Glassbeadgames" is the first track to be released from The Air Between Words, Martyn's upcoming LP for Ninja Tune. It arrives June 17.