Four Tet "Evening Side" (Oneohtrix Point Never edit)

Four Tet 'Evening Side' (Oneohtrix Point Never edit)
Last year, Four Tet (a.k.a. Kieran Hebden) issued two lengthy electronic pieces as Morning/Evening. If those respectively 20-minute sessions didn't really fit into your busy schedule, you can now hear a condensed edit of the record's "Evening Side" courtesy of Oneohtrix Point Never.

There are, obviously, some similarities to the long and short versions. They both, for instance, start with a click-and-tick electronic drum pattern. But while the original "Evening Side" took its sweet time to unfurl an aural tapestry of synthetic bird cage squeaks, cooed vocal patterns and washes of synth, the Oneohtrix Point Never edit presents this in a matter of seconds.

Interestingly, the edit comes off the heel's on an inverse situation in which Four Tet unveiled an hour-long remix of Oneohtrix Point Never's "Sticky Drama"

You can sample the "Evening Side" edit down below.