Fountain Fountain 2

Fountain Fountain 2
Fountain make a lot of noise on this record. There are disjointed melodies that seem either to end too quickly or to go on far too long; the lyrics often are sung in a weird speak-sing; the songs sort of smash right into each other. It makes for a very cool, very wild listen of a record.
It's not a long album, with half of the tracks coming in under two minutes, but it still manages to draw you in with its very unique sonic characteristics. Even the songs themselves, though sonically similar, have a huge range in character, from weird little tone poems to moments of full-on blistering rock.
The second half of the record opens with the closest thing to a conventional rock song with "High Strung On Zen." What begins as a quick guitar riff builds through the song, as more and more noise is added until the whole song blasts off, with cymbal crashes spilling over each other and feedback filling what little space there was previously.
This ripper of a track is then followed up by a quiet instrumental track, "Brass Junction," that calms you down just enough to be shook up again by the next wild track, and it's these ebbs and flows that really make this record so dynamic and enjoyable. (Independent)