Fortunate Ones "Oak and Willow" (video)

Fortunate Ones 'Oak and Willow' (video)
"We knew we'd have to let this go" is a lovely sung but forlorn line from Fortunate Ones' "Oak and Willow." Fittingly enough, the music video for the gentle folk track juxtaposes a young couple's good times against their goodbyes. You can watch the memories-loaded clip online now.

Put together by the Brought to You By art collective, the video pairs Andrew James O'Brien and Catherine Allan's sweet but sombre tune with epic shots of riverbeds and glorious forests.

Sometimes, we see a couple traipsing through nature without a care in the world. At other points, they are separated by different planes,and often literally submerged in life without their partner. That, uh, big pile of rotted-out pears isn't all that comforting either.

Equal parts pleasant and upsetting, the luscious video to Fortunate Ones' latest love-analyzing The Bliss single can be found below.