Forstella Ford Quietus

Milwaukee's underground darlings Forstealla Ford unleash their third full-length, and first for NYC's fledgling Level Plane label, Quiteus, recorded with renowned producer Ed Rose (the Casket Lottery, Coalesce, Kill Creek). Quietus retains Forstella Ford's penchant for the contrasting dynamics of melodic indie rock dissonance and the chaotic noise of the post-hardcore scene, tempered with the occasional metal dalliance, but rocks with an energy lacking on previous efforts. Chaos contrasted with beauty is not a new musical battle by any means, but one that Forstella Ford excels at, knowing when to freak out, when to rock out and when to drop out. "Tell-Tale Signs and Sure-Fire Ways," "Summary Treatment" and "The Act of Disappointing Someone" are standouts on this excellent album, which also employs the odd electronic segue or strictly melodic break to give breadth to its ceaseless conflict of styles. Unquestionably their best sounding release, sporting excellent performances and their best-written material, Quietus is another step in the Forstella Ford legacy. (Level Plane)