R.I.P. Nine Inch Nails' James Woolley

R.I.P. Nine Inch Nails' James Woolley
James Woolley, a former member of Nine Inch Nails passed away over the weekend. The news was announced in a Facebook post by his ex-wife Kate Van Buren late yesterday (August 16). As of press time, however, his cause of death has yet to be confirmed.
Woolley joined the band in 1991 for the "Lollapalooza Tour" and was also part of the touring band on 1994's "Self Destruct Tour," playing keyboard and synth.
During his time with the band, Woolley played on such NIN efforts as 1992's Broken and 1994's famed The Downward Spiral, along with appearing in the 1997 concert film Closure LP. Woolley also was featured in the videos for tracks like "Wish" and "March of the Pigs." He eventually left the group in 1994.
Previous to his work in NIN, Woolley collaborated with former NIN drummer Chris Vrenna in the Chicago-based band Die Warzau. In his musical career, Woolley also toured with Rob Halford's band 2wo and played in a project called V.O.I.D.
Read the message from his former wife in its entirety below.