Forlorn Hybernation

Forlorn’s promotional material boasts of the band’s northern chill, but the album’s artwork and sound speak more of the coldness of technology. The band pursues a direction more science fiction than pagan mythology, occasionally even approaching the broad, fuzzy boundary between metal and industrial. Hybernation’s production and arrangements sound cool and flat, like a sterile lab — all hard, shiny surfaces. It’s hard to get past that clinical edge to really absorb the nine tracks on the album, despite some strong riffs and intriguing songwriting. For the most part Hybernation sticks to the familiar black metal formula, pulling it off well, but not spectacularly. For that reason, it’s the less typical electro-infusions that really demand notice, like "Cubes” and "Oddities.” Hybernation’s not a mind-blower, but if you like your black metal flavoured with industrial, worth checking out. (Napalm)