Forest City Lovers "If I Were a Tree"

Forest City Lovers 'If I Were a Tree'
TRACK OF THE DAY: Contributing to the renewed interest in advance seven-inch singles, Toronto, ON's Forest City Lovers have let two new songs slip into the world, including the intriguingly playful "If I Were a Tree." Clearly excited about their forthcoming, 2010 full-length, Forest City Lovers whet appetites with their sultry brand of folk-infused indie pop. As always, the band's magnetic pull lies in leader Kat Burns' husky voice and compelling imagery.

They've progressed into a musical powerhouse, with each new song exhibiting more sophistication in the realms of multilayered arrangement and production. But in the end, it's up to Burns to grab you with her earnest voice and thoughtful lyricism, which is particularly quirky (and perhaps a tad spicy) on the b-side to this new single. "If I were a tree, I'd give you wood," she intones in the second verse, adding a stern double entendre to an otherwise scientific relationship metaphor about shaking off dying leaves, laying down roots and suffering through bare limbs. Pick up a copy of the new Forest City Lovers seven-inch, cuddle up to an arborist, and wait for the sparks to fly.

Listen to "If I Were a Tree" here.