Foreign Legion Playtight

DJ Design, Marc Stretch and Prozack Turner hail from the lyricist-brimming Bay Area but rock a comedic unorthodox approach that is one part Family Guy adroit and two parts Jackass juvenile. While the MCs work surprisingly well together in spite of their disparate flow patterns, the pair’s puzzle board chemistry is hampered by an incessant need to be "on” during each chorus. Shoddy bridge-work aside, Prozack and Stretch are effectively offbeat between the paper’s lines where it counts, and at times, extremely clever. While it would take a faulty hip to dispute the groove appeal of "Feel the Music" and its well-freaked flute medley, Playtight weighs in with a largely fuzzed-out backdrop reminiscent of Del tha Funkee Homosapien’s Both Sides of the Brain. In contrast to the prevailing themes of quirky funk and good times, "How do it Feel,” sandwiched between party romps "Happy Drunk" and "Y'all Ain't Ready,” has the duo, "living life to the beat/trying to eat and stay off the streets." If this rap thing is even remotely challenging for Prozack and company, they sure know how to hide it. (Look)