Ford Pier Adventurism

One of Canada's most fascinating and criminally underrated artists, Vancouver, BC's Ford Pier returns with the mighty Adventurism, a remarkable post-punk tour de force that showcases his myriad gifts. Dissonant but ultimately fond of a good melody or hook, Pier is as gritty and artful as some of the artists he clearly admires. Pier rightfully believes that Steve Albini has come up with some pretty grand ideas over the years — songs like "Things Happened to Me" and "So Many" clearly emulate the dark, theatrical structures and sonic tones of Shellac. His mates in Nomeansno also hover throughout the infectious and charging "Siege Perilous." But the soaring, compelling bravado exhibited on the gutsy "My New Bar" and the multi-octave execution displayed on "Cavalier" are distinctively Pier through and through. Adventurism is punk rock absorbed and filtered purely by a true aficionado. (Independent)