For a Measly $40,000, the Metalocalypse Fountain Can Be All Yours

For a Measly $40,000, the <i>Metalocalypse</i> Fountain Can Be All Yours
A devout Metalocalypse junkie? You can quote lines from the show and get all the obscure references to Norwegian black metal bands?

Well, now is the time to really ante up, hotshots. In what's a dream come true, with a nightmare of a price tag, show creator Brandon Small and the folks at Adult Swim have crafted the ultimate collectible: A full-scale marble recreation of the blood-spewing fountain that adorns Dethklok's home. It's called Mordland, but you knew that, didn't you?

As for that price tag, it'll only set you back a measly $40,000. Yes, that's American, but think about it: you've probably spent that much on Slayer or, ugh, Metallica merch over the years anyway. And that shit ain't marble, bro. Or blood-spewing.

Strangely, in the specifications Adult Swim states that it will ship anywhere in North America, but then later claims it will only do so within the U.S. If you're shelling out that much cash, you might want to get it confirmed, folks. Oh, and blood is not included.

Just to make you drool, here are those specs on the fountain, which you can buy here:

Marble fountain
Approx. 66 inches in height (that's almost two metres), 96 (2.5 metres) inch basin diameter
8-12 weeks production time
Ships anywhere in North America or the Caribbean
Price does NOT include shipping, will vary by location
$13,000 security deposit required upon purchase to weed out the jokers
Fountain is non-refundable
Seriously, this is real

A fan's reworking of some classic Dethklok material. Maybe they'll shave a couple of bucks off for him: