For The Fallen Dreams Changes

Hardcore music can be one of those genres that’s accused of delivering the same thing over and over again. And for the most part, a real argument against this attack can’t be constructed, at least not very well. There are bands out there that attempt to use the tough guy platform to make slightly different music and For The Fallen Dreams are one of those bands that have actually done it very well. Changes is an album that takes the fundamental elements of hardcore and smashes them up with lots of harmonised guitar melodies. It’s akin to Misery Signals’ Mirrors but relies more on the band’s hardcore influences. From the breakdowns to the lyrics to the heavy, abrasive guitar work to the group chants, this album has it all for the avid fan. Changes is an album that never stays on the beaten path, keeping an enjoyable pace throughout its ten-track triumph. This is a hardcore album to breathe life into a music scene that has been a bit stale of late. (Rise)