For Against Echelons

Originally released in 1987, Echelons never made much of a splash, plop or even drip in the music world, but it appears For Against are willing to cast an economic dye in the current, albeit waning, ’80s/post-punk revivalism milieu. As with most talented bands, their problem wasn’t a lack of good songs, but poor timing. Influenced heavily by R.E.M. and Joy Division, the jangly finger-picking and bass line leads of "Shine” and "Autocrat” sound a bit more de rigueur and salient in 2004 than they did in 1987 (I imagine), but that won’t manage to make the band members teenagers again and their lack of any discernable reputation makes nostalgia an impossibility. What we’re left with, sadly, is a neglected band trying to find a market for an album full of euphonic songs. (Words On Music)