For Against Coalesced

Forming way back in 1985, Lincoln, Nebraska's For Against are still alive and kicking with their sixth album, Coalesced. Setting their sights on making melodic, airy guitar pop akin to the swooping shoe-gazing sounds of the early '90s, For Against sound trapped in a specific time and place. While that may seem like a bad thing to some, those who enjoyed UK bands like Moose, Chapterhouse and Revolver, will praise the efforts of this band. Strangely enough, the band, at times, sound almost spot on like Nowhere-era Ride and former BC effects pedal fiends Mystery Machine. The trio aren't afraid to show off their ability to make sweet melodic noise, keeping up the pace with the jangly guitar sound consistently throughout. Though the seven songs seem rather brief for an LP, Coalesced is effective while it lasts. See you in another three years. (Words On Music)