Food For Animals Scavengers

Everything about Food For Animals’ debut screams "Extreme!” The cover takes a cuddly cartoon of penguins and turns it into a fragmented digital collage, the music takes what we know as hip-hop and combines it with harsh electronics, the lyrics are brought hard as lead pipes and the album’s ten tracks blend together and whiz by in a menacing 20 minutes. Suffice to say, Food For Animals isn’t for all heads, but fans of Dalek, Cannibal Ox and El-P should eat this industrial-tinged glitch-hop up like it’s some new kind of delicacy. Beat maker Ricky Rabbit seems determined to reduce his bass and drum rolls into pure noise while MC Vulture Voltaire shouts his desecrating lyrics with gusto to spare. In any other hands, this project might have turned into a scabrous affair devoid of any feeling, but Food For Animals have managed to make an exciting debut with an impressive amount of intriguing ideas at play. (Upper Class)