The Foo and You ?

The Foo and You ?
For many, going to the Grammy Awards is a dream, a once in a lifetime moment, but on top of actually attending, this year one lucky person will have the opportunity to play alongside of the Foo Fighters.

Unsigned string, woodwind and brass players are invited to submit up to 60 seconds of their performance on one instrument to the tune of "The Pretender,” from the Foo Fighters’ most recent release, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, before January 20. There will be 45 quarterfinalists. Following that, voting polls will be open to the public to whittle the number down to three semi-finalists.

The final three will then perform in an orchestra with the Foo Fighters and from there, the winner will be chosen to play with the band during the February tenth broadcast of the Grammy Awards.

All rules and submission information can be found at the My Grammy Moments 2008 web site on YouTube.

"My Hero" Foo Fighter