Foo Fighters Share Live EP to Kick Off "Foo Files" Archive

Listen to '00950025' now
Foo Fighters Share Live EP to Kick Off 'Foo Files' Archive
Photo: Kamara Morozuk
If there's one thing Foo Fighters fans love, it's Foo Fighters. And they'll get plenty more of that with the launch of the new "Foo Files" archive series. The whole thing has started off with the arrival of some rare live recordings.

The band have launched a new single called 00950025, which collects three "elusive" live tracks. These include recordings of "Wattershed" and "For All the Cows" from 1995 and "Next Year" from 2000.

In addition to the three songs, which can be streamed below, Foo Fighters have shared a link where they're asking fans to "Tell Us Your Foo Fighters Story." The stories can be submitted here, though it's unclear what the band plan to do with them.

Listen to 00950025 and read the band's Foo Files announcement below.