Foo Fighters

"Everlong" (live on 'Letterman')

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 21, 2015

After 33 years, David Letterman wrapped up his late night duties last night (May 20) with the last ever taping of the Late Show. Soundtracking the evening were his good friends and musical faves the Foo Fighters, who performed a touching and heartfelt version of their "Everlong" in tribute of the television titan.

It was a black tie affair, with Dave Grohl and co. decked out in suits and ties as they launched into the emotional and amped-up alt rock number. We didn't see too much of the Foos, though, with the broadcast instead shifting to a decades-long highlight reel. We get glimpses of Letterman and Paul Shaffer in their early days, with Larry "Bud" Melman making his fair share of appearances as well.

Elsewhere, you see Jerry Lawler punch out Andy Kaufman, Crispin Glover try to put his boot deep in Letterman's face, and a giant cupcake being driven into a Christmas tree. Drew Barrymore flashes the host in a mid '90s clip, while Letterman's also seen hanging out with Oprah, Bill Murray, Michael Keaton, Meryl Streep, staff members, and a monkey with a video camera. 

The montage is a who's who of actors and musicians that have hung out with Letterman, if only briefly, while the clip is capped with the host's gracious wave to the audience. You'll find the touching finale down below.

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