Foo Fighters "Bad Reputation" (ft. Joan Jett) (live on 'Letterman')

Foo Fighters 'Bad Reputation' (ft. Joan Jett) (live on 'Letterman')
Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters gifted last night's (November 15) audience of David Letterman's Late Show with a collaborative version of "Bad Reputation," accompanied by iconic rocker Joan Jett. The track originally appeared on Jett's now infamous LP of the same name, and in this performance, the now 53-year-old frontwoman proves that she's still got it despite writing the track over 30 years ago.

Letterman, who claims that the Foo Fighters have "affected my life in delightful ways," exhibits his enjoyment for the performance slightly more so than usual here. While Grohl attempts to do the track justice, singing a Joan Jett original alongside the rock-anthem's writer proves to flatter the vitality of the aging rock star rather than the much younger Foo Fighters frontman.

Check the video out for yourself below courtesy of Audio Perv.