Folly & the Hunter

Tragic Care

BY Melody LauPublished Apr 15, 2013

If Icelandic rock band Sigur Rós buried themselves deep in the rural crevices of Canada, they'd re-emerge as Folly and the Hunter. This Montreal folk trio have an incredibly detailed hand for crafting musical landscapes, as evident in second album Tragic Care. Produced by the Besnard Lakes' Jace Lasek, who is no stranger to creating moving atmospheric works with his group, Folly and the Hunter have constructed a warm soundtrack to their many musical influences. The layered build of "Our Stories End" is a slow dance companion to Sigur Rós's cinematic masterpieces, whereas "Moth in the Porch Light" circles the same banjo-led campfire as fellow Canadian folk act Wilderness of Manitoba. Tragic Care is multidimensional folk at its loveliest, showing the range of a genre that's often viewed as one-dimensional. This album hints towards something more though and if this is just the tip of the iceberg, bigger and better things are surely in store for Folly and the Hunter.

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