Flyana Boss Are Sprinting to the Top Together: "If I’m My Right Hand, She’s My Left"

Bobbi LaNea and Folayan discuss being besties and inspiring listeners by breaking the mould

Photo: Stephen McGill

BY Aly LaubePublished Feb 26, 2024

If you've scrolled through TikTok recently, the contagious verse of "You Wish" by Flyana Boss might ring familiar: "Hello, Christ? I'm 'bout to sin again / I said I love you to that man but I'm not feeling him."

In each of the track’s many promo videos, two rappers lip sync while racing towards the camera at full speed. Recognizable locations like the Santa Monica Pier and Hollywood Walk of Fame pass by in a blur as they sprint in full hair and makeup.

Those rappers are Bobbi LaNea and Folayan, a dynamic bestie rap duo blending TikTok fame, comedy, and confidence.

Their journey to stardom was far from instantaneous; Folayan and Bobbi LaNea met in music school and spent two years posting videos before gaining significant attention with the release of "Miss Me" in 2022.

Since "You Wish" blew up on social media, their rise has been meteoric, with Flyana Boss getting support from icons like Janelle Monáe and Missy Elliott. "We always had big dreams and it feels like they’re finally coming to life," says Folayan.

Beyond the accolades, the core of Flyana Boss lies in the genuine bond between Folayan and Bobbi.

"Bobbi's the funniest person that I know," gushes Folayan. "She’s number one, and she’s got so many pop culture references in that big brain of hers. I just love seeing her shine when she really feels herself now. And she’s super sexy. I’m just like, wow!"

Bobbi reciprocates, describing Folayan’s love of anime, science, and facts about African hair and traditions as "adorable" and calling her a "dainty flower."

"She’s just a great fit for me. If I’m my right hand, she’s my left, and we’re like this," says Bobbi, tightly interlocking her fingers.

Their uplifting dynamic aligns with a broader goal of inspiring confidence among their listeners, especially women. Coming from families led by strong single mothers, they aim to empower others through their bold and boastful bars.

"A lot of women, and a lot of Black women especially, feel like they have to fit some sort of mould of what it means to be that image," says Folayan. "We want to push against that grain and tell people to be confident in themselves. And we have to display that to be able to get that message across to people who watch us and listen to our music."

They acknowledge that they are stepping into a new age of celebrity — one that balances realness with performance.

"Flyana Boss is just a more concentrated version of who we are, but we're both authentic performers, so performing is very natural for us," says Bobbi.

Folayan adds, "It's not giving them too much of our personal life but also being very personal at the same time. I think we would have so much more pressure to conform to some standard if we were by ourselves in the industry."

Bobbi nods: "We keep each other accountable."

Their first headlining tour, the Bosstanical Garden Tour, is on the horizon, with sold-out shows in several cities.

They only have one Canadian date booked — a Toronto show on February 27 — and the two of them are eager to return home to their home cities after many years away on the grind.

"I’ve never performed in Detroit as an adult, and I’m so excited to perform as Flyana Boss. I think it’s going to be lit. I’m also excited to perform in Dallas, Folayan’s hometown," says Bobbi. "We’re excited to go back home and show everybody that we did what we said we were going to do."

Recent single "Candyman" — from their EP This Ain't the Album, due out March 29 — is the counterpoint to the dismissive attitude of "You Wish," revealing a more romantic side of their cool exterior.

"I know we said we love you to that man but we’re not feeling him — but at heart, we’re lover girls," says Bobbi. "Sometimes, we do be feeling that man!"

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