Flu.ID Iots

It’s nice to occasionally see some good independent tech metal, especially considering that most of the genre’s original heavyweights are either severely watered down or struggling to update themselves for the moshcore generation. Flu.ID are reminiscent at times, of genre stalwarts such as Deadguy and Botch, but have a more spastic and experimental feel. As this is a compilation containing two ten-inch releases and some other scattered material masquerading as a full-length debut, this tendency towards uneven, disorienting shifts in tone is that much more glaringly obvious. Their attempts at breakcore/electronic interludes and peculiar effects notwithstanding, the meat of this effort is the guitar-based portion and it thoroughly impresses, incorporating quirky jazz fusion and surprisingly hooky riff melodies into hectic yet palatable metallic hardcore pieces. Another frame of reference is the Dillinger Escape Plan’s older material, which owed a great deal to Deadguy to begin with. The undeniably derivative approach taken throughout much of Iots will be off-putting to some but the group’s exuberance and frankly, my favourable bias towards the style will probably keep this in semi-frequent rotation for the next couple of months. Got to lose the interludes, though. (Exile on Mainstream)