The Sum of All Fossils

BY Denise FalzonPublished Aug 1, 2011

There are some bands that will truly amaze you. NYC progressive death grinders Flourishing are amongst them. For the follow-up to A Momentary Sense of the Immediate World, their stellar debut EP, they've created a crushing masterpiece of cacophonous unpredictability for first full-length The Sum of All Fossils. Flourishing, featuring vocalist/guitarist Garett Bussanick (of NYC's Wetnurse), combine technical death metal and grindcore with a Godflesh-esque industrial ambience. Opening track "A Thimble's Worth" starts with layers of eerie tones that burst into blasts of speedy aggression and intense gutturals. "By Which We're Cemented" is an album highlight that features a thunderous beginning that dissipates into odd-timed, piercing guitar melodies and throaty shouts that display Bussanick's range. Like on A Momentary Sense, the unorthodox song structures are awe-inspiring. Flourishing continue with their style of harsh brutality, mixed with melodic twists and overlaid with a dark, emotional atmosphere. But they've taken it up a notch, making The Sum of All Fossils everything that was anticipated and more.
(The Path Less Traveled)

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