Florian Keller / Various Party Keller

This odd little mix from German funk junkie Florian Keller takes us through a journey of the DJ’s inspirational nuggets as well as gives a history lesson in dance music over the past few decades. Party Keller starts off on the right foot with the groove-filled "Uptown Top Rankin” by Althea Forrest and Donna Reid, a classic dose of British reggae from the ’70s that makes way for some early female hip-hop with Paulett & Tanya Winley and their "Rappin & Rhymin” routine. Things seem to be taking the familiar course of crate-digging delight compilations, but then Keller throws in the Homogenized remix of the legendary Black Sheep’s "Similak Child.” A funny little twist that’s certainly not unwelcome, but seems to sit awkwardly amongst is archival musical companions. Keller manages to also toss in the now-unimaginative "Tears” by Giorgio Moroder, which, after being utilised by DJ Shadow on numerous occasions should now be off limits. This loosely mixed compilation tends to spawn some duds after a strong start with some electro numbers that should have scenesters strutting proudly, such as Tyrants in Therapy and the Herbie Hancock-inspired "Scratchin’ 100 Speakers” by Daniel Sofer. Party Keller returns to some smooth funk with Dorondo’s "Legs Pt. 1” and Freddie Love’s companion piece "Crazy Girl Pt. 2,” before closing with a fantastic live joint from London’s Greyhound. This is a nice compilation to throw on at a party if you want to impress your friends with jams they’re not likely to know, or haven’t heard in years, but for the most part you’ll want to just nab some of the more quality tracks for your own mix. (Compost)