Florence and the Machine Prepping "Heavy, Rhythmic" Second Album

Florence and the Machine Prepping 'Heavy, Rhythmic' Second Album
For the past three years, Florence Welch has been a fixture in the British music scene and her project, Florence and the Machine, has gained plenty of followers on this side of the Pacific too. Now, the songwriter is getting ready to follow up 2009's Lungs with a new album.

She's once again working with Paul Epworth, who co-produced Lungs, and has been busy recording at Abbey Road Studios in London. The producer told BBC 6Music, "It is going to be a bit more stripped, but there's quite a heavy, rhythmic side to it -- even heavier than, I think, the first record."

Epworth went on to explain, "It's a little bit less indie and bit more soulful. It's definitely still got her blues and slightly ethereal feeling to it, but it's Flo Version 2.0."

The producer praised Welch's prolific output, revealing, "She's worked really, really hard to create such a big body of work. We've whittled quite a long list of songs down to about 16. I just can't wait to get it done."

He added the record will be completed by the end of July. That means that 2011 will most likely bring a whole new batch of songs that are bound to become fixtures on radio stations and movie trailers everywhere. Listen to the interview with Epworth below.