Florence and the Machine Announces Sophomore Album

Florence and the Machine Announces Sophomore Album
Back in June, producer Paul Epworth hinted that Florence Welch's Florence and the Machine project would be wrapping up recording sessions for a second album sometime this summer, and that now looks to be the case. Welch's follow-up to her 2009 mega-hit Lungs will be out this November.

So far, neither an album title nor a full tracklisting has been unveiled for the album, which drops in the UK on November 7 via Island (a North American version is expected shortly thereafter on Universal). However, there are a few hints as to what will be on the disc.

First up is the gospel-tinged dance anthem "What the Water Gave Me," which you can listen to via the studio-centred video clip below. It's also available on iTunes. Live favourite "Strangeness and Charm" is also expected to be featured on the album.

An interview with Pitchfork reveals that Welch finds this next record to be more cohesive than her debut, which featured songs written over the course of a couple of years.

"There were so many different influences, and the differences between a song like 'Kiss With a Fist' and "Dog Days' are huge because I'd written one when I was 17 and one when I was 21," she said. "With this record, I've been able to expand on the idea that I was hitting on towards the end of making Lungs. It's like taking everything from the first album that seemed quite separate and making them whole."

While over the last year we heard about some upcoming collaborative work with Drake, and there was that XX remix that recently popped up, the new record is reportedly going to be strictly a solo affair.

"It turned out that I haven't really worked with anyone else on it," Welch said. "In the future, I'd really like to do something with Jamie from the XX. We've done a couple bits here and there together, so maybe that will turn into something."