Fleetwood Mac Planning to Reunite in 2013 for Tour

Fleetwood Mac Planning to Reunite in 2013 for Tour
This year has been a tragic one for Fleetwood Mac, as a two of the band's former guitarists -- Bob Weston and Bob Welch and -- have died. Next year, however, might be a more positive experience for the British-bred (yet quintessentially Californian) group, since they plan to head out on tour.

When queried about when Fleetwood Mac would tour again, singer Stevie Nicks told CBS This Morning yesterday (July 12), "Next year, so far... It's the plan. Because that's what we do."

The tour will most likely come together once the band members finish up with their solo engagements. Nicks said, "I do my thing. And Lindsey [Buckingham] is out doing his thing now. Everybody's on board."

The band last toured in 2009. Over the last couple of years, the members have discussed the possibility of future shows or even an album; earlier this year, however, drummer Mick Fleetwood told Playboy that he thought the Nicks's solo endeavours would prevent the band from ever touring again. Luckily, it looks as if he was wrong.

During her CBS interview, Nicks also opened up about the recent suicide of Bob Welch.

"I couldn't even imagine that anything could be so bad as to cause that" she said. "And I just feel very, very bad that somebody could've been that miserable to do something that crazy. So I can't even tell you what in the world would have pushed him to do something that crazy."