Flatbush Zombies Vacation in Hell

Flatbush Zombies Vacation in Hell
Flatbush Zombies, the hip-hop trio from Flatbush, NY dropped their sophomore LP ViH (Vacation in Hell) at midnight on April 6. With the amount of originality put into their promo before the album release, the album was bound to be even better. This included several in-depth short films, including Vacation (The-Movie), Building a Ladder and promo clips as well as a music video for "Headstone."
"Headstone" pays homage to multiple hip-hop legends, with a mimic of "Jesus Walks" by Meechy, while he references Kanye West's "Can't Tell Me Nothing" near the end of his verse. Even on the first track, "HELL-O," the trio start off strong, rapping bar for bar, and showing the listener that they are being greeted into Hell, which is assured by the third track "Chunky," which advises fans to "pack your bags yourself, for your Vacation in Hell." "Vacation," featuring Joey Bada$$, shows that Flatbush Zombies can create a versatile rap track with a hip-hop artist while having a mainstream-y chorus.
The album shows plenty of diversity as well, with personal thoughts on life, fame, misfortunes and their come-up, with a mix of hip-hop lyricism, melodic vibes, and bangers with classic hip-hop samples. (The main production is by Erick the Architect.) It starts off as a celebratory album of Zombies while keeping it truthful when need be before slowing down in the middle. Features from hip-hop artist Jadakiss will keep true hip-hop lovers around, while modern-day rapper Denzel Curry keeps those who love rappers from this day and age.
Overall, the trio showcase legend influences in their lines, while still authentically being themselves. (Glorious Dead)