The Flaming Lips Prep Frog-Shaped Sound Recorders and White Chocolate Skulls

The Flaming Lips Prep Frog-Shaped Sound Recorders and White Chocolate Skulls
If you've grown tired of the Flaming Lips' nifty strobe light toy and eaten all of their gummy candy, then you'll be pleased to learn that the boundary-pushing psych rock band have got a few new gizmos in the works.

First up is a frog-shaped sound recorder that allows users to pitch-shift voices. Dubbed the "Fuck You Frog," frontman Wayne Coyne has been posting images of the toy on Instagram. As The Future Heart points out, the description on the package is as follows: "A playful audio memo recorder you can use to tell people the stuff you are too chicken shit to say to their face! Now with pitch change capabilities!"

There also seems to be an edible element to the product, since it's said to be "sitting in frog pee flavoured hard candy." We don't envy whomever's job it was to create a simulation of frog pee flavour.

That's an image of the device above. As you can see, it's shaped like a small plastic frog, and there's a dial on the top that's presumably used to manipulate the sound.

They will be released next week. If you want to purchase one, however, this might prove difficult due to the extremely limited quantities. Coyne wrote, "Only 22 of these have been made and I gave one to Jim James and one to @oddsevans .. so...sheeeesh only 20 now!!!"

The Flaming Lips also appear to have some more edible body parts on the way. Coyne posted an image of a life-sized white chocolate skull, which has a gold tooth and an exposed brain with a gruesome injury. The large chunk missing from the brain has been filled with glitter goo. He noted that this chocolate skull and brain would come out on Record Store Day, but it's not entirely clear if he means the 2014 instalment of the annual event (for all we currently know, it could be out for RSD's Black Friday spinoff).

Earlier this year, reports indicated that the band had chocolate skulls coming out on Valentine's Day, but this plan was overshadowed by their totally gross-looking chocolate heart.