The Flaming Lips Announce 24-Hour Song

The Flaming Lips Announce 24-Hour Song
Following a year of wild gimmicks that has included everything from music-loaded gummy skulls, to left-field collaborations with a variety of artists, to six-hour tracks, Oklahoma freak rockers the Flaming Lips have announced yet another bizarre project. This time, it's a 24-hour song.

Frontman Wayne Coyne discussed the band's latest project at the O Music Awards [via Pitchfork], explaining that the song itself is "a song about death and it's a song about fucking and it's a song about life." Whatever the hell that means will be clarified when the song is released at midnight on Halloween.

As if a 24-hour song with that type of subject matter and release date weren't enough, the release format is equally batshit crazy. Limited to five copies, the release will come on a hard drive encased in a human skull. Flaming Lips super-fans just got that much creepier.

Before they drop their full day of music on you, be sure to check out the Flaming Lips' recent six-hour song "I Found This Star on the Ground." Part one can be streamed below, with the rest of it available over in Click Hear.

The Flaming Lips - Found a Star on the Ground [Part One of Three] by Slow•Nerve•Action 3