The Flaming Lips "Sun Blows Up Today" (lyric video)

The Flaming Lips 'Sun Blows Up Today' (lyric video)
Yesterday (January 24), the Flaming Lips announced they'd preface their apparently bleak new LP The Terror with a non-LP track called "Sun Blows Up Today," to be issued in early February. Instead, the band have leaked the new tune a week early via a jittery lyric video.

The gloomy mood that Wayne Coyne had hinted at certainly figures on the cut, at least lyrically— Coyne sings about how we have to "run, run, run" to outer space to escape from our impending fiery doomsday. That said, the chipper pop rock arrangement of fuzzy guitars, cosmic keyboard sounds, and hand claps might make us want to have some fun 'neath our sun just a little while longer.

"Sun Blows Up Today" will be available for sale January 29, while The Terror is now pegged to drop April 2 in North America through Warner Bros.