The Flaming Lips "Race for the Prize" (Oklahoma City Thunder version)

The Flaming Lips 'Race for the Prize' (Oklahoma City Thunder version)
The Oklahoma City Thunder are currently storming their way through the NBA championship playoffs, and it turns out no one is more ecstatic about it than home state alt-rock heroes the Flaming Lips. The band have pledged their allegiance to the basketball team via a newly recorded version of the fittingly titled "Race for the Prize," off 1999's The Soft Bulletin, to rally the Thunder to victory.

The Lips' redux of the number features new lyrics the band collected from fans off Twitter that have Coyne singing sweetly about how "they will keep fighting for Oklahoma" before a rapturous gang chant of "Thunder Up!" hits in the chorus.

You can see a vid, featuring some playoff highlights, down below.

The Thunder, meanwhile, are currently down 1-0 in the Western Conference finals against the San Antonio Spurs.