Five Blank Pages Spaces To Occupy And Abandon

Hailing from the unassuming city of Brampton, Ontario, the infectious pop group Five Blank Pages manage a flowing, somehow generous offering of six songs that fill the senses with a delightful blend of familiar indie pop and refreshing originality. Previously going under the moniker Noyz, singer-songwriter Noyan Hilmi presents his new name and sense of direction with beautifully earnest, heartfelt lyrics that seem to scream out for a call back to summer romance and everything to do with love, while the backing vocals of sister Chelen Himli serve to accentuate the soft, unassuming lo-fi sound that the group seems to be striving for. Noyan Hilmi's girlfriend, Pinar Ozyetis rounds off the trio with steady keyboards and bass with the atmospheric result being a 17-minute EP that could make even the hardest of cynics think twice about looking over their shoulders for inspiration and infatuation. Taking influence from artists like Hayden, Bright Eyes, Ben Kweller, Pedro the Lion and more, Five Blank Pages offers up a colourfully hook-ridden jangle of lonely hearts and hopeful imagination. It'll be interesting to see what they'll be able to do with a whole album and if it's anything like this ambitious EP, it can only go up from here. (Independent)