Five Blank Pages Last Blush

On their debut EP, Spaces to Occupy and Abandon, Toronto/Brampton, ON’s Five Blank Pages invited listeners into their melody-laced indie rock. Their live shows, warm and comforting, garnered them a local following and opening spots for notable acts. Fans patiently waited for the follow-up, which is finally seeing the light of day after three years in the making. What makes Five Blank Pages stand out among the sea of Toronto indie rockers is their complete and utterly genuine nature. Their tunes don’t need huge, epic movements to attract listeners. Instead they find comfort in folksy soft sing-alongs and romantic ’90s pop-inspired little riffs. This is what will keep fans coming back for more almost unconsciously. Their familiar, soothing presence, matched with a sense of careful experimentation, makes Last Blush a sturdy, eloquent affair. "We Are Fierce Competitors” dances along, while "Marrow” is a more emotional cut with lovely vocal harmonies and a gorgeous bridge. The poppy "The Great Canadian Winter,” with its cute-as-hell horn section and group vocal chant, is a perfect example that FBP have found their grove and given it their all. Now it’s in your hands to give ’em a listen. (City Mouse)