Fischerspooner Return With New Album

Fischerspooner Return With New Album
Love 'em or hate 'em, Fischerspooner are yet again returning with a whole new full-length. On April 5, the electroclash survivors will drop Entertainment, which this time 'round will be out via Lo Recordings, rather than on the NYC duo's old major label home of EMI.

Apparently, Fischerspooner slaved over this one for a good two years in a New York studio and enlisted some added muscle as well. Jeff Saltzman, who's previously produced such acts as the Killers and Black Dice, lent a knob-twiddling hand on Entertainment, as did old school mash-up pioneer and one-time Tommy Boy signee Steve Stein (aka Steinski). Yet from what we've heard, Fischerspooner aren't throwing out any big 180s on this one and are still trying to keep those old electroclash fires burning, perhaps from a more mature, adult-like stance.

Fischerspooner reportedly have a tour in the works for later this year and while the dates have yet to be announced, the duo say they are "using inspirations as diverse as Japanese theatre and the early years of the U.S. space program," so, um, get ready for that.

Here's what's on Entertainment:

1. "The Best Revenge"
2. "We Are Electric"
3. "Money Can't Dance"
4. "In A Modern World"
5. "Supply & Demand"
6. "Amuse Bouche"
7. "Infidels Of The World Unite"
8. "Door Train Home"
9. "Danse en France"
10. "To The Moon"

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