First Words First Words

Back in 2000, Halifax hip-hop hero Jorun introduced St. John’s, NB, rap group Vet Cru on Break Fluid, his compilation that also featured appearances by two other artists he worked with early in their respective music endeavours: Sixtoo and Buck 65. Vet Cru’s Above and Sean One have combined with Jorun and Frederiction, NB’s DJ STV to form the formidable First Words. With Jorun on the beats, you know the production is funky-fresh and rooted in the old school. Along with STV, Jo also adds cuts and raps; and of the latter he has some of the best verses. It’s also nice to hear a rap album with a heavy focus on cuts and scratches again. Although a couple of tracks attempt to derail the vibe, First Words have debuted a great party album. A couple of interludes are also unnecessary, but the beats, raps and cuts come together superbly on album opener "Gotta Stand For Something,” the posse cut "No Mas,” featuring Johnny Hardcore and Anonamyss, the funky "Funkahmachine,” and STV’s solo joint "Operate,” which features the DJ on both turntables and mic. And Jorun’s solo "Right Here,” reinforces the absence of a Jorun solo album. Until that day, it’s worth hearing him with his latest protégés. (Deadbeats)