Fingers Cut Megamachine Pipe Dream

The distance Devon Williams has travelled in five short years is nothing short of grand. It was only a while back that Osker, William’s cantankerous and ground-breaking punk band broke up. It had been a high school punk’s dream come true: signed to Epitaph and on tour with some of the big players, but the band quickly moved beyond the thrash that characterised their 2000 debut and into a sonically more adventurous territory for their follow up a year later. Williams’s new band, Fingers Cut Megamachine are on a different course altogether. FCMM’s self-titled debut was released earlier this year; it’s beautifully crafted songs, rooted in the post-punk panorama of indie and guitar pickin’ Americana drew critical praise and was embraced by Osker fans and indie kids alike. Most surprising and impressive, however, was the young singer-songwriter’s delicate voice and poetically sensitive lyrics. Williams continues to amaze with the release of the EP, Pipe Dream. The poetry and pulse of these latest songs are further revelation of Williams’s versatile and prolific talent. Hardly a pipe dream, this promises to be a long and adventurous journey. Let’s hope he thinks so too. (Thick)